Halloween porch


I know the Halloween banner is a little to soon being it is still September. But I just could not contain myself. ( Don’t worry I took it down after I took my photos.) I don’t want the neighborhood thinking I’m crazy when there still going to the beach and wearing shorts.


After I took it down I replaced it with this fall banner I made. It was a DIY on my blog a few weeks ago.


Im so in love with my Pottery Barn throw pillow. I was excited when I opened my package today… I thought it was just a pillow cover-but it was actually an entire pillow with stuffing. It was made well and I know it will last in the outdoors. I will be adding some crows to the mix sometimes next week. Hopefully I will have at least ONE trick or treater this year. We seriously had NONE last year. I’m hoping my porch will be more inviting to the kiddies this year. They were probably scared of our broken garage door we recently fixed or maybe our rotted windows we had last year. Glad we spruced up the place! Did anyone else have zero kids at there house last year?





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