Pumpkin Topiary DIY


All you need is three foam pumpkins per topiary- Small, medium,  and large. You will also need faux leaves, baskets, hot glue gun and fall garland of your choice.

First rip of the stems of you medium and large pumpkins. Don’t forget to leave the small pumpkins stem on for the topper.


Start with your large pumpkin and glue leaves around where the stem was. (make sure they stick out far enough when you layer the pumpkins you will see them.)

Glue your medium pumpkin to your large one. Then repeat the leave topping onto the medium pumpkin.

Then your ready to add the small topper pumpkin.

When you have your topiary built place it inside your basket. I did not have to glue that down because it fit snug.

Last- add your garland to the base. I used garbage ties to hold them together.


If your basket is not heavy you may want to add some sand to a ziplock back to hold it down.


These are going to look real pretty on your porch! And when you tell people you made them they will be impressed!









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