Sharpie art on black and white pumpkins


I really wanted to decorate with black and white pumpkins so I shopped around. It turns out the cost of ONE black and white pumpkin with Halloween art could run you about $35.00. You can imagine the cost of a porch full of these beauties. While shopping at Christmas tree shops I discovered these large pumpkins for $11.99 and the small monogrammed one for $5.99.


Although there is nothing wrong with them, I just wanted them to come in white. I decided to pick up 3 of them and see what I could do. I spray painted them white first.


I used two coats of spray paint. The picture above is from the first coat. After they dried I filled in where the letters were with a black sharpie. I was happy I did not have to use paint because  that can get tricky! I wish I could put these out already but unfortunately I must wait until October!








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