Burlap banner DIY



I can’t believe we are already three days into September. It’s like just yesterday I was eating ice cream cones with sprinkles and now I’m all ” bring on the hot coco and apple cider “. I must admit I love the fall! I can hardly wait to pull out my boots and layer my clothes. Not to mention the green leaves changing to golden brown and the scent of logs burning into the night sky. Ahhhh I can feel it in my bones (even though it was 90 degrees yesterday.)

Now for the burlap decor…. Even that smells good!


All you need is:




black marker


This was pretty simple to do! I just cut out one triangle then traced the other ones to make sure they were all even.

After I cut out the shapes I traced my letters with black marker over the stencil.

Last I glued the tops of the burlap to the twine with a sticky glue. You can use a glue gun but I went with a rhinestone glue. It was less messy.

There are so many different variations you can do! Here is a list of word ideas for fall/halloween.






Give Thanks




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